Skoolie Security!

Locking the back door of a Skoolie the simple and easy way!

The sheriff department sent out robot-calls warning of a string of vehicles being burglarized in my area. It told me I need to make sure my vehicles are locked up and any valuables removed. But how do you lock the back door of a school bus? Continue reading “Skoolie Security!”

Code Enforcement vs. A Skoolie

How to use Bureaucracy to your Advantage and Fight Back!

Everyone wants to kill your good time! If not kill it, strangle it with red tape until it is unconscious. It is odd that in a country that was founded on rugged individualism and making due with what you have at hand, it would be so negative when it comes to school bus conversions. Continue reading “Code Enforcement vs. A Skoolie”

They Will Throw Rocks!

Learning to Abide in an increasingly Violent World.

It seems at times most people are horrible reactionaries. It might be that they envy you or intensely dislike you, maybe both. For some reason owning a bus can bring out the worst in other people. But this aggression will not stand, man! Continue reading “They Will Throw Rocks!”

Missing: Emergency Escape Hatch. Part 1

It was a dark and rainy night . . .

From the pictures posted on we knew that our bus was missing the rear emergency escape hatch. Now that the bus was finally delivered and in our driveway, it was time to go inside and see just how bad it was. Our journey would begin much like and old scary tale  . . . It was a dark and rainy night. Continue reading “Missing: Emergency Escape Hatch. Part 1”