Missing: Emergency Escape Hatch. Part 1

It was a dark and rainy night . . .

From the pictures posted on Govplanet.com we knew that our bus was missing the rear emergency escape hatch. Now that the bus was finally delivered and in our driveway, it was time to go inside and see just how bad it was. Our journey would begin much like and old scary tale  . . . It was a dark and rainy night. Continue reading “Missing: Emergency Escape Hatch. Part 1”

How to Transport a Bus

The adventures of transporting a used bus across Florida!

You can’t drive it! Its too large to tow with a car or truck! How do you get it home! These are the questions you ask after you purchase a used school bus in an online auction. The answers require a lot of phone calls and a lot of faith and patience. But surprisingly, not that much money. Continue reading “How to Transport a Bus”

Where to Buy a Used School Bus?

The search for a Used School bus to convert to an RV.

Where can you find a used school bus to buy? For us the journey started by searching the usual places, craigslist and google. We looked for a long time, maybe over a year. We did see used school bus dealers and private sellers. In the end we ended up using an online auction. Continue reading “Where to Buy a Used School Bus?”