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Why Does the Bus Abide?

You are what you is, you is what you am, a cow don't make ham.
Why Does the Bus Abide?

You are what you is, and you should never try to be something you are not. The best we can do for each other is to let everyone be who they are. The Bus Abides because it is what it is, and it lets you be who you are.

Skoolie conversion underway

Many people who convert a School Bus try to make it what it is not. They try and make it a cabin, or a house, or worse yet, a real RV. They dress it up and in the end it is never quite anything.

If we wanted a 38 foot long RV we would have purchased one. The joy in the conversion, beyond the actual converting, is in the fact that it is a school bus. For us, we don’t feel the need for it to be anything else but that.

Beautiful Woman on a School Bus

Our bus will not be as comfortable as our house, because it is not a house. It will be a different way of living which comes with it’s own benefits and draw backs.

Skoolie Skylite escape hatch

Not Every Bus Abides

One thing we have learned in this long process of converting is that most people do not plan very well. We see people build very nice interiors that look great. However they neglect to take into consideration how a window is repaired.

On most school buses the windows tilt inward for removal. If you have built wood walls and fancy counters you cannot remove any windows.

School bus windows are notorious for the latches failing. These can be rebuilt fairly easily, if you can remove the windows.

1995 International 3800 Thomas School Bus

Taking a school bus and ripping out the walls and windows and raising the roof is defeating the purpose of a conversion. The greatest thing about converting a bus is the ease in which a few changes and addition can make a bus a livable space.

The re-use of the bus is a form of recycling. The philosophy of The Bus Abides is to “convert” as much as possible. Being as true to its nature as it can be. Not try and mask or hide what it is. To be the best Bus it can be.

We have worked very hard and planned a lot of things out to try and achieve this goal. Sometimes the hardest things to do are the simplest.

The Bus Abides because it wants you to be who are, and it wants to be what it is.

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