Shut the Front Door!

The adventures of replacing 22 year old school bus doors!

They were rotted and needed to be removed right away! But where to find new ones. And if we can find new ones, how do you remove them, or replace them? Once again we had no idea what we were doing. But that has never stopped us before. Continue reading “Shut the Front Door!”

Our Skoolie Battery Story!

Shining Light on the 12v Coach System!

She said, “Its dark in here!” and she was right. Spending the day in the bus down by the beach was great. But as soon as the sun goes down it gets dark. Shocker I know! We need to get a skoolie battery and some 12v electrical systems going. Continue reading “Our Skoolie Battery Story!”

Replacing the Windshield on a Skoolie

The glass is big flat and hard to install, better get a professional!

It wasn’t on our punch list but it still needed to be done. The windshield had a lot of chips and stains and one HUGE scratch. Today just seems the right time to change it out. Continue reading “Replacing the Windshield on a Skoolie”

Adding a New Driver’s Seat

You gotta be comfortable if you wanna enjoy the ride!

The driver’s seat tried to kill me! Okay, well maybe it was not trying to kill me but I did feel like I was being assaulted. The original driver’s seat on our 1995 International School bus was not comfortable. Continue reading “Adding a New Driver’s Seat”