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Replacing the Windshield on a Skoolie

The glass is big flat and hard to install, better get a professional!
Replacing the Windshield on a Skoolie

It wasn’t on our punch list but it still needed to be done. The windshield had a lot of chips and stains and one HUGE scratch. Today just seems the right time to change it out.

Ester was driving home from work two days ago when she saw a Mike’s Auto Glass van. What jumped out at her was the “Specializing in RV Glass”. She called me and I jumped on their website. I filled out the online estimator.

Within an hour they called to get more information. I told them what we have, which always is a bit of a story. You can’t say it is a truck, and when you say school bus you must explain it is no long acting as a school bus. They said they would call back with an estimate.

Within a half hour they called back with what I thought was a good price to replace both sides of the windshield ($640). We set an appointment for Thursday between 10 and 2.

skoolie windshield replacement

They showed up on time and had the passenger’s side glass out within minutes.

skoolie windshield replacement

Because the glass is flat they cut new glass right in the driveway. They used the old glass as a template. After the glass was cut they used a sander to smooth off the edges. The guy doing the work said he didn’t want to be filmed so we had to take pictures sparingly and in stealth mode.

Cutting windshield glass in the driveway.

He was able to remove the glass alone but he had to call for backup to install the new glass. They had to apply a LOT of pressure to get the new glass installed. I was glad I didn’t attempt this particular project myself.

Two installers from Mike's Auto Glass working in my driveway.

The driver’s side glass came out easily. With two of them there it was much faster cutting the second pane of glass. Getting it back in was not any easier than the first one.

Skoolie with driver's side windshield glass removed.

We can see clearly now!

In the end they were here for about 2.5 hours and they did excellent work. We now have beautiful, clear, clean glass. A skoolie windshield replacement is an excellent upgrade and definitely a job for a professional!

Skoolie with new windshield glass installed.

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