Skoolie Escape Hatch Replacement

Missing Emergency Escape Hatch Part 2!

The Skoolie escape hatch story continues. When last we left the missing escape hatch was not fixed permanently. We had put something together that would keep most of the rain out, but it was far from a permanent fix. Continue reading “Skoolie Escape Hatch Replacement”

Skoolie Counter Building Simplified

What do you do when you don’t know what to do?

Skoolie counters are always a challenge to build. You have the room for the depth but the height can be a problem. And the biggest problem is we have never done this before. Not just the building but living with the counters is a new experience. So how do we know what will work or what we will like? Continue reading “Skoolie Counter Building Simplified”

Fixing the Flashers in a Skoolie

It is the little things that can get you in trouble.

Not everything worked in our 1995 Thomas school bus when we got it. But enough was working correctly to get her on the road fairly quickly. There were a few things that when fixed would make it safer, and not to mention much more enjoyable to drive. Continue reading “Fixing the Flashers in a Skoolie”

Replacing the Windshield on a Skoolie

The glass is big flat and hard to install, better get a professional!

It wasn’t on our punch list but it still needed to be done. The windshield had a lot of chips and stains and one HUGE scratch. Today just seems the right time to change it out. Continue reading “Replacing the Windshield on a Skoolie”